John Daly and National Public Radio

I know. You don't even think of JD and NPR existing in the same universe, right? I mean, the one is frequently described as a womanising, twinkie eating, trailer trashy good old boy, and the other is often written about as a last bastion for urban intellectualism, and left leaning political correctness.

Well, as divergent as those two entities may sound, they'll collaborate tomorrow on NPR's Fresh Air where Long John will discuss his new book, "Golf My Own Damn Way". Mr. Daly, don't forget, is already a best selling author, thus a logical subject for this type of literary gab fest.

I'm looking forward to hearing this interchange between the self described "bad boy" and quintescential NPR host Terry Gross. The broadcast was originally due to air on the 12th but was pushed off the roster by the death of another hard drinking author of best sellers, Norman Mailer.

BTW - I have no such excuse for the delay in posting my new show. I just have too much going on and too much footage to edit. I'm hoping to have episode V for you tomorrow.