Of Winter Golf & Christmas Trees

Danbury, CT: We got to Richter at 10:00 this morning. The scheduled shotgun was not to be. An overnight temperature of 27°(f), and the resulting frost delay, had us waiting around in our mittens and mufflers for almost an hour. We mulled about, chatting through frosty clouds of frozen breath,till the marshal reluctantly sent us off, around 11, to our respective holes. The tee boxes were still frozen solid. For the first few holes, we drilled our tees into the icy ground with frozen fingers. The sky was an ultra clear winter blue, the sun, very bright and without a ray of warming power. I have to admit, it was beautiful. There's something about winter that's pure and redemptive.

When I got home I was tired. The way you get when you spend hours out playing in the cold. But, I tackled the monumental chore that is my twelve foot Christmas Tree. Each year I cry a little when I see the old ornaments, especially the ones my Mom gave me. And each year I'm amazed at how beautiful the tree ends up looking.

That's after I've complained and whined for a couple of hours about how hard it is to decorate. Yes, complaining is cathartic.