Paula Creamer Wins - Pink Golf Balls Benefit

Sales of pink golf balls will undoubtedly soar on the heels of Paula Creamer's Tournament of Champions victory yesterday. She won by eight strokes against a field of the world's top female golfers, by playing stellar golf and dominating throughout the tournament. And this was her first victory with a pink golf ball. Oh, she plays with them often, and even touts their virtues in an ultra-cute ad with Nick Price, but all her victories have been with white balls. Till now.

Paula seems quite pleased with this little detail, and I'm thinking this might drive a trend towards pros playing with balls of diverse colors. Maybe the guys will even get into the act. The traditionalists will never go for it... I know that... but I'm just waiting for Ian Poulter to choose his color. And I'm sort of hoping it'll be lavender.