Nick Lachey - From Choir Boy to Golf Guy

Nick Lachey has lots going on these days.

Did you see Clash of the Choirs? It was an American Idoly type show, but without Simon Cowl, and with choirs instead of solo artists. The show was on four nights and it was sappy and schmaltzy and sentimental, but the choral singing was pretty wonderful. Nick led a team...and tonight his team won.

Well, turns out that was just one of his current projects. Earlier today he announced plans for the first Super Skins Celebrity Golf Classic. He's putting it on with golf cart crashing Nascar Champion, Jimmie Johnson. Yes, that Jimmie Johnson. The event will be held in Scottsdale, Ariz., on Feb. 2, 2008 and proceeds from the golf classic, an online auction and a party will go to several different charities, including The Nick Lachey Foundation and The Jimmie Johnson Foundation, both of which help out families and children.

I've got to say, Nick Lachey's come a long way. Just a couple of years ago he was an average newlywed. Well maybe not so average.