Putting the Brakes on Runaway Golf Carts

I've got to admit it, most of my golf is played with a cart. Don't get me wrong, I love walking, and when I play alone in the summer twilight, that's how I do it every time. However, the three guys who generally fill out my foursome are unconditional cart riders. They've got their cigars and drinks and a panoply of golf gadgets...and more than that, they just like to ride, it's part of their golf culture. So, not one to argue, I end up riding along, and enjoying a drink or two while I'm at it.

Now as anyone who regularly gets in and out of golf cart knows, the parking brakes on most buggies are weird. So much so that runaway carts are quite common, I recently saw one end up in a ravine, after a valiant pursuit by it's stunned driver, and last year I witnessed what could have been a serious accident when the Vice President of our Ladies League, stepped on her parking break, stepped out of her cart... then was pulled half way back in and dragged to within feet of a foreboding water hazard. In this case, the only thing hurt was her pride, but you get the picture.

Fortunately though, someone's been paying attention to this problem, and now there's a new breed of golf carts with "fail-safe" automatic parking brakes. Golfdom's insider David Fabrotta wrote all about it today. It's E-Z-GO's new RXV and in addition to the high tech brake it's got lots of other cool features. Hopefully it'll be part of your club's next fleet upgrade. I know I'm hoping it comes to my course soon. Those water hazards are cold this time of year.