Rudy and Judi and Golf

OK, Let me be clear: this is a blog about golf. Golf in the fun, flirty sense, but golf nonetheless.

I normally don't touch politics; it's much too polarizing and in the end... for me at least... it always seems to come down to the lesser of two evils. And I hate that, so I just don't do it. Generally.

However as the candidates debate and the primaries approach and the Caucus Countdowns... count down, I find myself drawn in. So I did the logical thing considering my passion for golf and the fact that this is, after all, a golf blog; I golf-googled all the leading candidates. (The simple formula is: canditate's name, space, golf). And...I came up with very little.

Oh, I got lots of Cafe Press golf shirts. The Hillary shirts included a "Hot for Hillary", a "Bill Clinton for for First Lady" and an "Anyone but her '08". One Fred Thompson golf shirt had "Fred '08" underneath an image of a large gun. Looked like a 9mm Glock to me. Disconcerting, to say the least. Then there was one that said "Mitt Happens 2008" with an image of a Ken doll on it, Oh, excuse me, that was actually an image of Mitt Romney. "Obama '08"... "McCainiacs for McCain"... "Ron Paul Fo' Shizzel, 2008". If you can imagine it, it's there.

Lot's of Golf shirts, yes, but not much about candidates actually playing golf...or having played it in the past. I found an image of Bill Clinton swinging a driver, in a really cute golf sweater, but Hillary was no where in sight, and none of the other candidates seemed to have much of a connection with the game either. That is till I typed in Rudy Giuliani.

It seems Rudy is quite passionate about golf, as is his wife Judi Judith. The republican front runner apparently discovered golf as a young boy, sneaking into a cloistered Country Club at night with friends to hit balls. Judith Guliani's "Real Golfer" profile in Golf for Women magazine, mentions the couple's honeymoon at the Dave Pelz short-game school in Cordillera, CO and reveals that they've played together in over 20 countries. The photo at the top shows the Guilianis at the US Open at Winged Foot last year. Then there's Rudy's son Andrew, a Duke University sophomore and aspiring professional golfer. He even went so far as to declare that he wouldn't be helping out with his Dad's campaign because he was too busy with golf. (This Dad and son are not known for their warm, fuzzy relationship, BTW}.

Anyway, if anyone has golf news about any of the other candidates I'd love to hear about it. And I'm pretty sure my readers would too. Right?