Cricket Girl Seduced by Golf

Her name is Johmari Logtenberg, she's South African and she's only 18.

Only 18 but already a hugh star, in a a sport we know little of on this side of the Atlantic. Johmari is a cricket star. A really remarkable one. She holds a number of records in batting and scoring and runs, and she was being courted by teams from all over the world. Then about a month ago...she retired.

Now she spends her days at the Golf Academy, and, get this, she's already playing off a 12 handicap.

But still, why abandon a sport that you love, and at which you excel? Well, for this young South African champion it seems to have come down to the economics of the two sports...and thoughts of her future. She's admitted that the decision was difficult but that she feared she'd have major regrets if she didn't try golf. In women's cricket earnings are extrememly limited, even for he best players, whereas golf is potentially much more lucrative.

Especially if you're Johmari Logtenberg.