Golf, NASCAR: What Crosses Dress Code Lines?

In lots of sports, dress codes aren't even an issue.

When there are teams, there are uniforms, so that takes care of that. And generally fans and guests are welcomed into stadiums and onto playing fields wearing just about anything.

In skiing and other snowy sports it's far to cold to make a sexy statement, and in cycling, track, kayaking and rock climbing the the need for speed and safety has created a certain uniformity. But there are sports where dress code is always going to be a bit of an issue. Where it will inevitably rear it's fashionable head from time to time. Like...for example...NASCAR?

OK, I thought NASCAR and fashion were mutually exclusive, but in fact, there was a bit of a couture controversy at Daytona recently. At issue was the low, low, low cut frock worn by Ashley Judd,(above) the movie star who happens to be married to champion rookie driver Dario Franchitti. Apparently there are strict rules as to what can be worn in the garage and on the pit road (I'm visualizing a place that's noisy and greasy). Dresses, low cut or otherwise, are not allowed. And even if they were, the dress in question, flouncy and festooned with delicate tulips, was definitely not in keeping with NASCAR style (another oxymoron). Tongues were wagging and eyebrows were raised and there was talk of a double standard. One for beautiful movie stars and one for normal NASCAR people. To which one commenter on a NASCAR forum suggested that they "needed a rule prohibiting Ashley Judd from wearing anything when she attends the races".

In golf, as we all know, dress code controversy is quite common, particularly where female players both pro and recreational, are concerned. Opinions vary widely as to what's acceptable, under what circumstances. I for one was surprised to see Michelle Wie wearing what looked like a Wall*Mart tank top during the second round of the Fields Open over the weekend. Now I'm a huge Michelle Wie fan (bite me) and I think she looks good in almost anything. But I'm not a fan of tank tops on golf courses. At all. That's were I set my line. I'm fine with sleeveless polos. Heck, I'm fine with backless polos, but call me old fashion, I think a collar should be mandatory. It has to do with looking pulled together, not with how much skin is exposed. Know what I mean?

Anyway, I have lots more to say on golf dress codes and I'll certainly be addressing the topic both here and on Red Tee Tales, my Golf for Women blog. As the season heats up I'm sure we'll be seeing some amazing style statements ... and more than a few fashion flops.