Fanny Rocard - Quintessential French Golf Girl

I have a wonderful little book on my shelf that I refer to quite often. It's called Entre Nous. Tag line: A Woman's Guide to Finding Her inner French Girl .

Let's face it, there's something about French girls that's so...desirable. When I played golf outside of Paris last summer I was impressed by the how the women all seemed so confident and comfortable, while at the same time remaining feminine and flirty and fun.

Recently, I was introduced to the quintessential French Golf Girl through a mutual (Facebook) friend. Her name is Fanny, though she's sometimes called "Fanette". Isn't that cute? Well, she's really cute, as you can see, and ultra talented too, she's been playing golf since she was eight and has won a number of Jr. championships in France. Recently she earned her teaching certification as well, and has been busy teaching golf, both in her native Biaritz and in exotic Marakech, Morocco. Check out her awesome website. It's only in French for now, but the pictures need no translation.

And the thing is, you can forget about the myths that say French girls are all snobs. Fanny is ultra friendly, always has a smile. Now I'm hoping I can convince her to come over to this side of the Atlantic and play a round with me at Richter Park. I have no doubt she could help me with my golf game. She might even be able to help me find my inner French girl. What could be better than that?