The Tap In Twins on Course in Punta Gorda, FL

I hit the course with Cat yesterday. Cat being my twin sister who happens to be in Punta Gorda right now too. We played with Nick, at Burnt Store Marina Golf Course, which winds through an elegant community of homes, traversed by canals and dotted with small lakes. First we tackled the demanding Osprey course. Water definitely came into play consuming quite a number of our wayward balls. We then moved on to the Pelican course, which was a bit more forgiving, but had its own little issue. Namely a huge black Gator lying in the sun about 10 yards to the right of the fifth tee. Fortunately the Marshall had warned us of his presence as we finished the fourth. Tentatively, we took our tee shots. Nick got rather angry when suggested that I wanted to approach the reptile for a more flattering camera angle. So I had to be satisfied with the shot below.

We return to CT tonight. I'm absolutely not ready to return to the chilly north, but it's been a totally awesome trip.