Golf Girl - Golf Goals

See the little pink monkey hanging from that awesome lime-trimmed Birdie Girl bag? That's Mashie, my little mascot. Sometimes she really helps me with my game, other times she totally jinxes me. On Saturday she did a little of both resulting in a score of 121.

Ok, I know, many of you would probably say that was a lamentable score. Some would rather admit to partaking in Satanic rituals or having a social disease, than a 121. But I was quite OK with it. In fact, I practically skip-walked to the 19th hole. Where I relived the glory of my 20 foot putt and my magical chip shot over a couple/few glasses of Chardonnay.

Needless to say I wasn't dwelling on the shanks or the fades or the foozles...or that farcical chili-dip. They were noted and I'll work on them. That's the way I've always been about my game. To be perfectly honest, during the two years I've been playing golf I've never much bothered with keeping score. It might seem implausible and irresponsible to some, but I just didn't feel ready, I was still learning, and frankly I didn't want to see 150 on my card.

I think if we want to attract new players to the game, and not have the majority of them bail after the first season, we need to be accepting of more relaxed attitudes. Some beginners will immediately want to track their game, establish a handicap and compete and that's great, however we must allow others, like me, for example, to play purely recreational golf...even if that means not keeping score...for as long as they feel they need to... and just enjoy it. Eventually, they'll probably want to take stock and work on their game in a more methodical way.

Well, you'll be happy to know I'm finally ready, and I've found way to take my game to the next level. It's the Golf for Women Challenge. It's a free game improvement program that's ultra simple and extremely user-friendly. It's part of the Golf Digest Challenge which is an equally awesome program for guys, and includes an amazing selection of on-line lessons, health and fitness tips, free swing analysis and a tracking program to map your progress. There's a great sweepstakes too, with weekly golf travel and equipment prizes. The biggest prize for me for me would be to achieve my uber ambitious golf goal of breaking 100 by the end of this season.

So, I'm psyched, and I'll be posting my progress regularly over at my GFW blog, Red Tee Tales. For now I'm off to the practice range to work on those mishits.