A Golf Guy's Take on the LPGA Championship

Yesterday I told you about Ashley Mayo's awesome live blogging from the LPGA Championship. Well she's still at it... and will be throughout the weekend. And with Lorena in the lead and Annika lurking... it just keeps getting better.

However, Ashley's not the only blogger down in Havre de Grace, and for a distinctly different take on the LPGA action, you may want to check in with my friend Andrew from Oobgolf.

You know Andrew, don't you? He's the gregarious golf blogger with the disarming smile and the serious Paula Creamer obsession. And his coverage from Bulle Rock has a decidedly... testosteronic... tinge to it; Lorena is in "another world" and there's been no mention of Annika. That's because Andrew has been focusing on a decidedly different storyline: "hot golf babes and the relative hotness of hot golf babes".

That's a legitimate storyline, right? I mean, I've been known to make a storyline out of Ian Poulter's pink golf shoes, so I guess it is. The thing that's so compelling though, is Andrew's unbridled enthusiasm for his subjects: "The ladies are HOT". Momoko Ueda is "cute", and he's now "officially buying Laura Diaz". Paula is "the girl you'd take home to meet Mom", Natalie is "the girl you'd take home to meet Dad", and Anna Rawson is "a SMOKESHOW"!

Andrew is like the proverbial "kid in a candystore". His day 1 & day 2 reports are filled with semi-salacious superlatives that make for a fun, if somewhat subjective, read.

So for a distinctly different take on the LPGA Championship, make Oobgolf part of your weekend reading.