Golf Fashion at the Blustery British Open - 3rd Round

High winds are what it's all about today.

How high? Well high enough to move balls around on the putting greens. Which can be rather disturbing. Just ask Anthony Kim who turned his hat around and called in an official due to capriciously strong wind gusts. There's even some discussion of suspending play. It's that windy. But for now it on, and the guys are still out there battling with the bluster.

Right now, awesome KJ Choi is in the lead, defending champion Padraig Harrington has moved up to second and Greg Norman is holding on to third. But that'll undoubtedly change as play continues today. And Jim Furyk, Camillo Villegas...Ian Poulter (!) and a number of others, are waiting in the proverbial wings.

Now for a style note. The golfer above is France's Jean-Baptiste Gonnet and he hit a triple today. Yep. What I mean is, he managed to combine three of the looks I featured in my Open fashion post yesterday: He's got the black on black going on ... AND he's added the argyle...topped off by the wool beanie. What can I say, I'm impressed. But then again he's French.

Jean-Baptiste is currently a ways back on the leaderboard at +10. He's one of four French players on that wind blown course today, with Gregory Havret, Gregory Bourdy (who I wrote about earlier this year) and the infamous Jean Van de Velde. Yes, I'll admit it, I have a thing for French golfers maybe it's because I played my first round ever in France...and maybe because my photographer caddy husband is French. Yes, that probably has something to do with it.