Sex in the Office - At a Golf Magazine?

It does happen ... and I'm looking forward to witnessing it next week, right here in Connecticut.

There is, a prominent golf magazine with offices here... just down the road from me in fact... but don't jump to any conclusions. I'm going to catch this action on the stage of the Westport Country Playhouse, a wonderful theater, housed in a red barn, in the artsy CT town of Wesport.

Scramble! is described as "a delicious office comedy about the howlingly incompetent staff of a golf magazine". (ouch)

Anyway, when a rumor spreads that the magazine may be sold, everyone fears that their job is on the line, leading to "outlandish relationships, mistaken identities and hilarious situations". All the characters end up in "intimate situations" for all the wrong reasons, and in some instances, with all the wrong people. It sounds like lots of fun to me... the show, I mean... and I'll be checking it out on Tuesday.

When I heard about this play, I immediately wondered what inspired it, and how a golf magazine came to be the setting. Well that question was answered, by the playwright himself, David Wiltse, in a video interview together with Tracy Brigden, the play's director. Mr Wiltse, is currently playwright-in-residence at Westport Country Playhouse and has won numerous awards for his work, however, I don't get the feeling he plays much golf.