Annika Sorenstam's Hidden Fantasy

There's Britney's Curious and J.Lo's Glow. Paris Hilton's Heiress and Donald Trump's ... Donald Trump.

They're all celebrity fragrances, and now Annika Sorenstam is joining the aromatic fray with a signature scent of her own.

She's developing her scent with SA Fragrances. Scheduled to be released in the Spring, prior to Mother's Day, ANNIKA will be the first fragrance ever to be launched by a female golfer.

The descriptives they're using are; casually elegant, naturally beautiful and unpretentious. That sure doesn't sound much like Paris or Britney...or Donald Trump... but it pretty much sums up Annika Sorenstam. And she herself adds confidence to the list. It's another one that fits. I've got to admit though, I don't really think of Annika as the perfume type. She just never struck me as a girly girl.

Oh, and, at about the same time as ANNIKA the perfume comes out... Annika, the wine will be hitting the shelves, and to me, a wine is much more in keeping with the Swedish champion's style.

It's a pricey, ultra-premium Central Coast Syrah too. I don't know how the fragrance will be, but the lady's definitely got good taste in wine.