Golf Lingerie - So You Want to be a Golf Goddess

Like all conscientious, high profile golf bloggers, I receive tons of press releases. They come from PR firms and golf companies of all sorts. Many are so impersonal and formulaic I wonder why they bother. Today however, I got one that ...stood out.

The headline announced "Revolutionary Golf Lingerie", and I immediately thought of a high-tech sports bra that would re-engineer my posture, probably paired with a matronly "brief" of the "full-cut, no-ride" type.

Then I noticed that the press release was from MioDestino, an online designer lingerie boutique that sells the most exquisite and unique European lines.

At MioDestino, they don't do matronly. Never have, never will. And this fun, flirty "golfing bra and knicker set", is anything but. The sexy set features artfully placed golf balls, golf tees and even score counter straps... and while it may not lower your handicap it'll certainly improve your "swing".

I'm looking forward to receiving my set soon. Then as a conscientious high profile golf blogger, I'll probably need to model it. MioDestino ships from the UK so look for that post here in about a week. In the meantime check out the awesome MioDestino blog. Yes, they blog too. Talk about multi-talented.

Happy Friday.