Speed it Up - A Great Way to Play Winter Golf

A friend of mine, who happens to be a long distance runner, sent me this awesome article a few days ago.

The subject of the piece is Christopher Smith, a speed demon golfer from Oregon. Mr Smith actually holds the World Speed-Golf record for a 44:06, six-under-par 65 he shot three years ago.

, also know as Extreme Golf or, more descriptively, Hit and Run, is an actual sport, with its own rules and scoring. And, for obvious reasons it's quite perfectly suited to the winter season. Empty courses and temps that don't inspire idling are two conditions that seem to set the stage for speed, and an added benefit is that many golfers will actually find themselves scoring better when deliberation is not an option. This doesn't surprise me at all; my practice shots are always perfect and my real shots rarely so. Overthinking almost always results in failure and the disappointment is, of course, acute.

So, why not check out the rules of Speedgolf, grab a few of your favorite clubs, and hit hit the course running. It's the probably perfect time to work on your fast game.

OK, gotta run.