Golf in America - Annoying or Awesome?

The way you respond to that query probably depends, more than anything else, on how you feel about golf carts.

Allister Tait
is a golf journalist with an eye for on-course oddities. Acutely aware of the absurd and outrageous, he writes for GolfWeek with a a matter-of-fact voice that frequently belies the farcical nature of the story he's covering. He's British, and the embodiment of stiff-upper-lip style.

A couple of days ago he posted this provocative piece on a game with which he's not familiar: Golf. As it's played in America.

And, as I said, a lot of it comes down to carts. They're second nature to us and an oddity to the English, and that makes for a multitude of subtle differences in how the game is played. Mr. Tait brings these dissimilarities wryly into focus in his fun post, Annoyed in America.