Natalie Gulbis on Inspiration, Dating & Michelle Wie

Earlier this month the always affable Shane Bacon, of FanHouse Golf, caught up with Natalie Gulbis, and they chatted about all manner of things. The resulting interview is a revealing read.

Natalie talks about her awesome "Who's Behind Your Success" contest and the inspiring fan who won it. She touches upon Annika's retirement and on the media obsession with Michelle Wie. She also reveals her own feeling on playing with the PGA boys. Shane even gets Nat to open up about dating. Well, sort of. At least he tries.

I've known Shane for a while now and he's always a pleasure to talk to, Ms. Gulbis is know for her friendliness as well. And both of them went to UA, so there's an affinity that results in a frank and entertaining interview.

You may wish to skip the boys-will-be-boys comment section however, or be prepared for some rather sophomoric meanderings.