Mountainous Golf Magnificence, in Black & White

The photograph is sublime.

Its ethereal iciness is what strikes you first. A stark landscape, under a dazzling sun, devoid of warmth.

Then you notice the flag stick, valiantly marking The 17th hole at Jade Dragon Snow Mountain, in the foothills of the Himalayas.

Golf Digest
Senior Staff photographer, Dom Furore, took a series of such photos on his amazing trip through Nepal and China in search of lofty mountain courses. He ultimately found the courses, And captured them exquisitely.

But Mr. Furore's photo essay took time to compose. That can happen when you're dealing with nature. Nature can sometimes make you wait. Which in this case was fortuitous, because day after day as Dom Furore was waiting for the clouds to dissipate and the light to be right, he was taking pictures... of the people he met and the places he discovered... in the isolated area's cities and towns. And he made an audio slide show about his adventure. It's narrated by Mr. Furore, elegantly, respectfully, with ample doses of humor. It's whimsical and wonderful and ...You'll love it. Just like I did.