A Note From Spain with Flowers for Golf Course

Last week I posted a picture of a Titleist golf ball I marked with a little flower.

Then over the weekend, in that neighborhood called Twitterville, where the population of golfers is growing incrementally, along comes a DM from a friend in Spain, the awesome Ovidiov, who writes for Fuera des Limites. It had a link to an extremely cute golf product that almost seemed to be made for my flowery golf ball; Ladies Garden Variety Tees. They're golf tees shaped like little flowers and they're adorable.

Well, I think they're adorable. Not everyone does. The site they appeared on, always engaging GolfBlogger.com actually designated them one of his ridiculous items of the week.

But that's OK, I can live with ridiculous...as long as they're laughning about my golf tees not my golf game.