Valentine's Day at Turtle Bay with the LPGA (update)

It's Valentine's Day, and what could be more romantic than Hawaii? With spectacular sunsets and mysteriously beautiful rain forests, it's a fantasy... set to the sound of rolling waves and a lilting ukulele.

OK, it's probably not so romantic if you're competing in a highly challenging golf tournament. And that's what the girls of the LPGA have been doing. Currently they're in the middle of the final round. Michelle Wie is currently in the lead with Angela Stanford right up there by her side.

Cristie Kerr
is playing beautifully today, after dealing with calf strain yesterday. At one point on Friday afternoon, the Golf Channel's cameras found Cristie lying on the lush Hawaiian grass while her husband Erik, kneeded her taught calf muscle. Maybe it was the impending Valentine's weekend, but the two gals I was watching with (two new golf fans who haven't actually played yet), saw this as a touchingly romantic exchange and found it quite delightful. What most don't know is that Erik actually went to graduate school for sports medicine and spent a number of working with athletes in a Hospital Rehab setting.

One thing is certain. The LPGA season is off to a great start; with many compelling players and a couple of new Television Deals, there are solid signs that the tour is committed to confronting the challenging year to come.

Update: In a reversal on the back nine, Angela Stanford stole the lead from Michelle Wie to win SBS Open.