A Weekend with the Frustrated Golfers of Twitterville

I continue to to be amazed by the number of golfers using Twitter...and by how many new golfers are joining each day.

To capture golf conversations... and sometimes, get bits of fresh, yet to be broken golf news... I often simply enter the word "golf" into Twitter's search window, and peruse the resulting stream of "tweets", each containing the word golf. At one point during the afternoon today there were 10 - 12 new golf tweets... per minute!

And what's trending in golf these days? Well it's early in the season in many places, and it seems lots of folks are having "issues" with their games:

If it's any consolation @caitlinbb, my round was worse than that.

Then there are those Twitterers who actually question the earthly orgins of our cherished game.

Space aliens? That sort of makes sense, doesn't it?