A Weekend with the Frustrated Golfers of Twitterville

I continue to to be amazed by the number of golfers using Twitter...and by how many new golfers are joining each day.

To capture golf conversations... and sometimes, get bits of fresh, yet to be broken golf news... I often simply enter the word "golf" into Twitter's search window, and peruse the resulting stream of "tweets", each containing the word golf. At one point during the afternoon today there were 10 - 12 new golf tweets... per minute!

And what's trending in golf these days? Well it's early in the season in many places, and it seems lots of folks are having "issues" with their games:

If it's any consolation @caitlinbb, my round was worse than that.

Then there are those Twitterers who actually question the earthly orgins of our cherished game.

Space aliens? That sort of makes sense, doesn't it?


  1. Traveling as much as I do in the Golf industry I've started using Twitter to find local golf info. Before I go to a new area I search for golf and the name of the area I'm heading towards. Always able to find out great stuff!

    My guess is that soon I'll be able to invite some golf twitters to play a round with me at these resort courses. On me!

    Most of my followers are golfers....occasionally a rare spammer sneaks in but is quickly blocked! FORE!


    Dave Wilkerson
    CEO, Go Vacations Golf

  2. Fortunately i started the season early in January in Egypt during a week long holiday. And even if the first round there wasn't good, it was fun and warm, perfect weather for golf, even if it was a little windy. So you probably won't read a tweet from me complaining about a bad round - hopefully :)

  3. I played for the first time this year in Ireland at Adare Manor. Fantastic course, wind was blowing, but I had on my UnderArmour layers. Glad to have golf back!

  4. I was the 3-putt queen today. UGH! So much for beating Hubbie. Glad to know I'm in good company.

  5. The search feature is great on Twitter. I also like Tweeple Rank.

  6. Played yesterday on the home course after three days of heavy rains. 90% of the fairways were casual water, and that's no exaggeration.

    Add to that a front came through overnight, and we have steady 20 MPH winds with gusts reaching towards 40 MPH.

    And finally, there's something about Eagle Ridge that makes the winds blow in your face no matter what hole you are on, save for the opening three.

    Sounds like a bunch of excuses, right? Well, no, I should be able to handle a breeze and I should be able to work my golf ball the way I like. I know how and I know better...but somehow that escaped me for most of the day yesterday.

    It's my fault I almost threw up my first triple digit score in nearly forever and it's certainly my fault that I chose to swing too hard, to give the club death grips and to not rotate my body back and through. And it's my fault that I was so far away from the hole on most greens that I wasn't able to save my own keester with the flatstick.

    That's the bad news. The good news is that I have changed my short game technique and I chipped in and saved par on two other holes with my new swing. Plus I finally replaced Larry Mizuno, my old trusty 60 degree wedge with Andy Taylor-Made, and Andy earned his pay with the par save chip into the hole.

    All in all a very frustrating day on the links. Then again, a bad day on the links is always better than a good day at work, and I got home in time to watch the full round of the final pair from Bay Hill. Tiger's back and it was a pleasure to sip my Fat Tire, lick my wounds and watch golf being played the way it ought to.

    There's plenty of blank scorecards in the clubhouse and my game is on the come, even if it took three steps backwards yesterday. A blank scorecard is hope renewed, and a good round is faith found once more.

    I'll get out there as soon as Tuesday and restore my confidence in myself.

  7. What an interesting collection of reader comments you have here. I'll have to Tweet it so more golfers can come check it out!

  8. I have been using twitter for a while but only started using the golf tweets since this post.

    Thanks you (for finding another way to consume more of my time online).


  9. Thank goodness a friend talked me into playing yesterday afternoon. After a demoralizing slog on Sunday, my clubs found their direction yesterday in the calm air of a cool early spring day, and I managed to shoot a 42 on the front nine of a more difficult course than my home track as the sun set over central North Carolina.

    As it always is with this game, the score should have been a 38, tops, but my putting was distracted by hairy and sandy greens that were recently aerated. Ah well, on another day I will make it so.


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