Cosmetically Enhanced Golf - Makeup on the Greens

Guys may wish to stop reading right here.

This is a post about makeup. Not set makeup either. I'm talking about long lash mascara and shiny lip gloss... sparkly eye shadow and bronzer-for-a-sun-kissed-glow - that kind of makeup.

So let all those with Y chromosomes be warned; you're entering girly golf blog territory... OK, stay. We won't judge you.

Anyway ladies, I mean... people... here's the story; A couple days ago I was in the women's locker room at my home course. I stopped in there, as I often do, at the turn, to quickly use the facilities and check my appearance. As I was giving my lipstick and eyeliner a little touch up, one of the gals from the Competitive Ladies League dashed in and grabbed a sweater from her locker. Then she approached the mirror, adjusted her short wavy hair in her Callaway visor, and glanced over at me. "Wearing makeup to play golf..." she exclaimed dismissively, "I never understood that". In a herculean display of restraint, I didn't react. Except to mutter something quite vile and vulgar under my breath.

The way I see it, makeup is part of my golf essential accessory. Like my dangly earrings. Yes, I wear those too... and I'm pretty sure the low handicap ladies leaguer doesn't.

The thing is, I think it all comes down to personal style. I'll probably never be a cropped hair and visor kind of gal, but lots of my friends are... because that's what works for them. To each his her own, right?

You know what the best part is though? When I decided to write this post I did a google search for golf + makeup, just to see if there was a conversation going on, and about half way down I found Golf Girl Makeup. It's a dress-up game from i-dressup that's several kinds of awesome. It features a wide eyed anime golf who apparently has nothing against wearing makeup on the golf course. You select makeup and accessories for her, from a variety of shades and styles, till she's ready for her round.

So gentlemen, aren't you glad you stayed for that? Just don't let your boss catch you playing with it at work.