Of Nice Ballz and Real/Fake Golf Twitterers

Before I begin, I want to specify that I'm talking about a blog here. That said... I really like Nice Ballz.
is a new golf blog that's quickly become a favorite of mine. The NiceBallz bloggers are obviously passionate about the game, but at the same time, don't take themselves too seriously. They cover an eclectic mix of golf stories and they always weave some subtle (or not so subtle) humor into the mix.

These guys Twitter too, and if you do, you'll want to follow them... at @niceballz and @golferwriterguy ... because, again, they know how to do humor, even in 140 characters or less. Their experiences with the popular micro blogging site are what inspired their blog post on the possibility of Real/Fake Twittering golfers.

Real/Fakes come in two varieties; They can be individuals hired to "Tweet" for a celebrity... often the star's own PR people. @Britney Spears is known to employ a twitterer or two to help with her Twittering.

Then there are the random dudes who take it upon themselves to "Tweet" as a celebrity ... or character. We've witnessed a fake Chuck Norris and a fake Homer Simpson. Batman and Indiana Jones have also been impersonated. The impersonators create parodies, often exaggerated versions of the real thing...and thus much more entertaining.

So, as the NiceBallz guy point out now that real golfers like Stewart Cink and Morgan Pressel are Twittering, when are we going to start seeing real/fake golfers and what will they Tweet like? They answer the second part of that query with some amazingly hillarious real/fakes of their own, including @CamilloV, @MichelleShellyWee and the fabulously funny @PhauxPhil. I'll let you check them out over at NiceBallz but to give you an idea, here's their @vijay_sing:

@vijay_sing: Going to practice.

@vijay_sing: Going to practice.

@vijay_sing: Going to ... ah, you get the idea.

Ironically, the real (I think) @ParkerMclaughlin seems to pick up right there.

Some say it's only a fad, but as NiceBallz points out, for now, Twitter is providing some interesting insight to the the lives of real... and fake... professional golfers.