Sergio Garcia - Masters 09 Status: It's Complicated

That's where it stands on the eve of the 2009 Masters.

In an interview on Wednesday morning, Sergio openly acknowledged that he wasn't expecting to win in Augusta.

When pressed he alluded to some "personal issues" he'd been dealing with. He didn't elaborate, except to say, "There are some things that have happened to me in the last four or five weeks that hasn't helped much."

Of his putting the sensitive Spaniard also said "My putting doesn't feel great."

When asked what distinguishes great putters from everybody else, Dr. Joe Parent,the mental golf guru behind Zen Golf and Zen Putting replied, "What distinguishes great putters from everybody else is unconditional confidence, that they believe themselves to be great putters."

Dr. Parent works with LPGA champion Cristie Kerr. She credits "Dr. P" with making her more at peace with herself and her abilities, and she now considers him "part of her team".

This, I believe, is all Sergio needs. And I hope he get's it.