Golf Obsession & Oral Fixation? There's a Tee for That


Are you one of those golfers who's constantly gnawing on a tee? I know I am.

I guess it's what they call an oral fixation. My pen caps have always been deformed by bite marks. Wood pencils too... their erasers totally bitten off. I know, it sounds disgusting. Sorry.

Anyway, when I took up golf I was delighted to find something new to chew on: golf tees. Tee's are quite exquisitely chew-able too... except for the taste. Bland. Generally they taste like wood. And wood tastes boring. Enter Tasty Golf Tees, flavored golf tees.

I discovered them a couple of years ago and I've been chewing them...and playing off them...ever since. They're available in Cherry and Mint, with Strawberry, Grape and Cinnamon. These tasty tees were were invented by John Packes and Ramon E. Peralta Jr, a couple of ultra creative guys from right here in my home state of CT. I recently reconnected with them on Twitter and it was great to see how well their company was doing.

This leads me to believe there must be numerous orally fixated golfers out there.