It's Friday and Perez Hilton Covers a Golf Story

It appeared this morning, sandwiched between "Ashley Tisdale goes Topless" and "Murray and Burton leave One Tree Hill".

A rare find; the Perez Hilton golf story. Actually it's a pop culture story (shocking), but golf plays a minor to middling role, so it still qualifies as an oddity.

The Queen of All Media touched upon Tiger's return to golf earlier this year but that was clearly an anomaly. Normally Mario Lavandeira doesn't have much to do with golf, preferring hobbies such as outing celebs or judging beauty pagents.

Today's post had to do with how Rudy Guliani's portly son Andrew, skipped graduation to train for a golf tournament. I'm thinking this piece got in because Andrew is discernibly douchy and because Oprah was involved.

Reactions to the story were mixed, however quite a number of commenters seemed to agree that Andrew's choice of golf over a graduation ceremony...even one with an A-list commencement speaker...was a no brainer.