Male Dominated Media at LPGA's Sybase Classic

It's not surprising really.

I'd guess that the ratio... about 90% men to 10% women... is about the same in virtually any media center, in any women's sport... well... with the exception of... maybe...figure skating.

I believe this has to do with a number of things, two I can think of offhand are: the traditional sports reporting culture... and the ratio of male fans to female fans, which is still slanted quite heavily towards the guys.

On an encouraging new media note, I did encounter Meghan Morgan who writes Titleist's engaging Tour Blog. Meghan also twitters as @Titleistontour and is living proof that corporate blogging and twittering, when well done, can be engaging, entertaining and actual... and NOT just a thinly veiled marketing vehicle. The intrepid Stephanie Wei of Wei Under Par was there too, wielding her video camera and capturing fun player interviews.

I'm hoping that "new media," both corporate and journalist, will bring more women into sports reporting, and that before too long the media centers at women's sporting events like the LPGA's Sybase Classic will look less like journalist boys' clubs.

*Stephanie Wei and Anna Grzebien at the Sybase Classic on Friday