My Weekend Romance With Wolf Creek Golf Course


It was love at first site when I glimpsed the sandstone pocket canyons cuddling that circle of vivid, velvety green.

Meandering streams, placid desert lakes and undulating topography sealed the deal.

As as result, I spent numerous hours at World Golf Tour this past weekend, getting to know the virtual Wolf Creek Golf Course in a virtual Mesquite, NV... and I feel like I probably got to know it better than I would have gotten to know the real one had I been there in real life.

It's often that way with the real vs. the virtual. The virtual frequently wins. World Golf Tour is high definition, and ultra realistic. The virtual Wolf Creek was in pristine condition, the temperature was a pleasant 71 (or whatever our thermostat was set to) degrees and there was no wait time at the tee.

I played multiple rounds of the nine-hole challenge - a closest to the hole competition - and though I haven't yet been able to reach the green with any consistency, I'm quite addicted by now.

But the thing is, I absolutely have my heart set on playing the real Wolf Creek now. I even dreamed of a rugged desert landscape last night, one with lush green fairways winding through it. So I'm making plans to go out to NV... sometime in the next couple of months. I don't have issues with the heat - in fact, I'm always freezing - so I may even try to go in late June.

In any case it looks like a weekend romance has turned into a bit of an obsession.