Golf Basket & VideoBlog Give Away... and More

Today's the day you'll find Jason Sadler, the gentleman at left, wearing a Golf Girl Media shirt over at

What he'll be doing, I don't really know. Last time he wore a Golf Girl Media shirt, he played Sawgrass. That was a frosty morning in early January. This time of year, Jason tells me, it's a lot more difficult to get onto that storied course, so we'll just see where he ends up.

For those who don't know him, Jason is smart and funny, and he created this site where he'll wear your shirt for the price of whatever day he wears it. January 1st, for example was $1, December 31st, $365). During the course of the day he basically lives his normal day-to-day life in Florida, and does lot's of social media type things like:

* Running a live stream on
* Twittering regularly
* Connecting on Facebook
* Posting photos on Flickr
* Other random or suggested things

All while wearing your shirt. It's a unique and fun way to promote your brand or get your message out there. I instantly fell in love with the novel idea. Others have too, Jason's only got nine days left...all in December.

Any I'm going to (attempt to) make a couple of videos today too, and I'm going to give away a golf gift basket like the one I described on my first IWYS day. I'm also giving away a 2 minute videoblog about a business, blog, brand ...or anything else the winner wants to promote. I'll work with said winner to create it, then we'll post it here at GGD and on my YouTube channel. To enter just send an email... with your name and the name of your favorite professional golfer to

OK then... see you later.IWYS Day