Miss Golf - A Beauty Contest for Golf Girls


The girls are all more or less gorgeous, and it looks like a number of them can actually play the game. Others pose very
seductivelyathletically in ultra-cute golf outfits, gripping gold-plated golf clubs.

They're contestants in the 2009 Miss Golf Contest, and they've got names like Markéta and Eliška and Taťána. Yep, you guessed it...or maybe not...this purposeful pageant takes place in the Czech Republic. As a result, the Miss Golf website is entirely in Czech, thus depriving us non-speakers of what I'm guessing are some fascinating factoids about the comely contestants. However pictures, as they say, are worth a thousand words, and these are some pretty pictures.

It seems there's quite a bit of golf going on in the landlocked Central European country. Cherubic-looking WorldGolf travel writer Brandon Tucker often covers the golf courses... and malt beverages... of the Czech Republic, and has given both good reviews. Then there's the awesome Alex Čejka. He recently took a five-shot lead into the final round of the 2009 Players Championship after rounds of 66, 67, and 72. A final meltdown led to 79 and an eight-stroke loss to Henrik Stenson, however he definitely put himself on the map as the PGA poster-boy for Czech golf.

Back to Miss Golf though. The way I became aware of this quixotic contest was through the Miss Golf Group on Facebook. The funny thing is this group isn't exactly promoting the Miss Golf contest, but rather one of its contestants, who happens to be... the sister of the Facebook group's founder. The group description is as follows:

Some really unimportant miss competition in Czech republic. But, please, vote for my sister (or at least not for the others girl:)) Kamila Mačátová (i can make her have rendez-vous with you after:). Thanks a lot.
You can't make this stuff up.