Of Winged Foot and Golf Girl Contest Winners


A belated congratulations to Vincent Nello, winner of the Golf Girl Videoblog contest. Mr. Nello was selected in a random drawing last night. So look for a Vincent Videoblog here soon.

Vincent chose Rocco Mediate as his favorite golfer, and he was the only contestant who did. I was surprised by Phil Mickelson's popularity. He received by far the most mentions. Tiger was next and that didn't surprise me at all, though I hear (via Twitter) that he's lost a few fans due to recent "tantrums". There were quite a number of more "obscure" golfers mentioned, and that was encouraging to me.

I'm just now making the announcement because I spent the entire day today in our Nations capitol... a trip I had no idea I was making just 24 hours ago.

As you may have read on Iwearyourshirt, the winner of the golf gift basket was Debbie Katz. She too was chosen in a random drawing as the panel of judges could not decide among so many awesome entries. I'll be doing a blog post with the best in the coming week.

I thank everyone for entering and for stopping and at Iwearyourshirt. I love working with Jason and I think Iwearyourshirt is an awesome way to use social media to connect with a wider audience and create a more engaging experience. Jason's dog Plax even got involved with the GGM promo, as you can see from the photo at left. I'll most likely be doing a third day with Jason in December. Yay. I'm currently trying to clear my calendar for one of the few left. I'll keep you posted.

Finally, Winged Foot. I did get there yesterday, after a couple of minor misadventures (my nickname is Miss Adventure, BTW). It was awesome! (and here I mean the real awesome, as in awe-inspiring not the one I normally use which simply means, great)

I arrived quite late so didn't get to do much in the way of filming but I did a bit, which I'm editing now. I promise to have it for you by tomorrow (I'm not nearly so nimble as Jason) and... I've made plans to go back in early August for more.

The classic Tillinghast course...both courses actually... are truly magical, and there's so much to them. So much history, so many stories and such artistry. My late afternoon visit was the perfect ending to an awesome great day. IWYS Day