In Golf, Tall is Overrated... And BTW, Tim Clark is Hot


The 2009 Presidents Cup was sealed with a graphic display of Tiger's revenge, as his win over recent nemesis Y.E. Yang clinched the tournament, and his 5-0 helped to assure the US of a 19½-14½ victory over the internationals.

And speaking of the Internationals, (also refered to as the Europeans), I'm hoping no one watching the President's Cup was playing "have a drink every time one of the lame-a$$ unimaginative commentators mentions Tim Clark's height"... because that person would probably have succumbed to alcohol poisoning sometime early yesterday.

And it didn't let up today, despite the fact that Tim Clark pretty much out-played everyone... and showed a mental toughness and mastery that was nothing *short* of breath-taking.

At first I thought I was just being overly sensitive. I thought I was the only one who noticed an overuse of descriptions like, "The Little Guy", "Diminutive Tim Clark" and "What he lacks in stature..."

I mean, how many times can you call someone "scrappy" before it becomes... um... condescending maybe? Same goes for "bulldog"...right?

Well, I only had to take a quick trip to Twitterville to see that, in fact, I wasn't the only one who noticed it. Or the only one who had been put off by it.

So yes, I'll let the Tweets speak for themselves, they always do a pretty good job of that. And those were just a few of many.

It's already being written about in longer format posts too. Bret Kelly wrote about announcers Dan Hicks and Johnny Miller in his blog for About.Com, "...The NBC pair kept referring to the USA's opposition as the Europeans. And both of them, and Hicks in particular, wouldn't shut up about Tim Clark's 5-foot-7 height, consistently referring to him as the "little guy." Give it a rest, fellas. No wonder people can be sensitive about their height. I kept expecting Randy Newman's "Short People" to show up on the soundtrack."

So did I... It was that extreme.

By the end of the Clark/Johnson match, arguably the best of the tournament - mentions of Tim Clark's height and the fact that he had yet to win on US soil had pretty much ceased. Even the most bombastic blowhards commentators were now speaking in reverential tones of the South African players putting skills. ~ And of course, Tim Clark was just being his gracious, classy, understated self this whole time.

And that trumps tall any day of the week.

Photos:Top-David/Cannon Getty Images Sport, Middele-AP, Bottom-Mark Nolan/Getty Images..... (Tim Clark with gorgeous wife Candace at the 2008 Australian Open)