Feliz cumpleaño, Fuera de Límites !

Fuera de Límites is my favorite Spanish golf blog, and has been since I first discovered golf blogs.

Well, it's their blog-birthday... and now they're turning four.

I've gotten to know a couple of FdL writers quite well through Twitter.

@Ovidiov and @Pablo Herrero are among the few golf bloggers who were there in the very early days of the now ubiquitous social networking service. We used to watch the tournaments together on Sundays - they in their time zone, me in mine. With a handful of others we'd share observations and reactions in 140 or less.

A lot has happened since those early days. Particularly over the past year when Twitter ...and golf on the internet in general... tipped, and, a tsunami of new golf blogs and golf blog readers poured onto the Internet. We don't cross paths as often anymore but we manage to keep in touch, and I read their blog every day for news about golf in Spain and the awesome Spanish golfers... and for their take on what's happening over here. Because it's always interesting to have a European perspective, and these guys present it all... in short, succinct posts... the way I like it.

So, Happy Birthday, Fuera de Límites. You produce an awesome blog. One I recommend to anyone who reads Spanish. Keep up the good work.