Qgroove - The Golf Bag Holiday Dreams are Made Of

If you're like me you've spent the past year window shopping, or cautiously shopping your closet... and you've probably become an expert re-gifter.

For better or for worse... I'm going with worse... this recession/depression thing has imposed frugality on most of us.

So... you've done quite a bit of sacrificing and now that the holidays are just around the corner, you're thinking you want to offer something really awesome to someone really special (who may or may not be yourself).

If you're that person is a golfer this gift will normally lean towards golf-oriented, and one of the most statement-making, over-the-top golf gifts I can think of is a Qgroove golf bag.

It's the bag Golf Digest has described as, "several notches beyond trendy" and I've described as "stunning", "awesome", "luscious" and... "highly functional". Yes it's functional too, because as drop-dead gorgeous as Qgroove bags are they're also exceptionally well made and equipped with features that'll facilitate your round. ~ Each bag is hand finished and comes with an embroidered, personalised name tag and each extraordinary design is one of only 100 made world-wide and individually numbered, making it as much a piece of art as it is a golf club carrier.

No doubt about it a Qgroove golf bag is THE ultimate holiday golf gift. And, in keeping with the times, Qgroove has a special holiday offer: with each cart bag they'll send you the matching duffel bag, and with each stand bag you'll receive the matching wrist bag.

To ensure you'll have your bag by Christmas, Qgroove encourages you to place your orders by November 1. Oh, and Free shipping plus a carrying case will also be included with each order.

That's something to tell your inner frugalista.


  1. Those are beautiful bags and I've wanted one for a while so I think I'm going to have to put off being a frugalista till after the holidays. Oh well.

  2. What beautiful bags... something for the wishlist! :)

  3. Looks like the kind of bags Ryo might carry. J;-]

  4. I've definitely got to show this to my wife. Last week she was eying a Louis Vuitton bag for $9500. These are very reasonable by comparison and look much nicer. (She only plays two or thee times a year so what ever I get her, at least it'll last)

  5. They really are like art, and I like the the colors are ultra bright! The pale pink everything is getting very tiring.

  6. I'm a publinks kind of player. Those are a little too high falutin for my game. Nice to look at though. ;)

  7. "Frugalista." What a fantastic word, Ash.

    Go ahead and spoil yourself, I say. That's a sharp looking golf bag.

  8. Those bags are awesome. I just bought 2 new bags this year, so I don't think I will get this one past Darren...

    But they are sooo cute and I love the matching duffle.

  9. Hey, Patricia, is that a speaker on the side of that bag? Man, imagine the fun you could have if you hooked your cell phone up to it and had friends call you during your opponents' swing... !

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