Golf Is Ready for the New Year - Classic Girls Selected

The girls have been around for over a half century.

Not these exact girls of course... they're new. Very new, in fact.

They were just selected as "Classic Girls" for the 2010 Bob Hope Classic, which will take place January 18-24, and they serve an old school purpose: they're "goodwill ambassadors" ...which is a really good gig if you can get it. From what I gather, Classic Girls basically cruise around the beautiful courses on golf carts and go to gala events.

Oh, and they wear shirts with "Bob" "Hope" and "Classic" (each girl gets a word) on them... and all kinds of cute outfits from Adidas.

This year's girls (a blonde, brunnette and redhead, of course) are: Colie Cullen, 22, of Coto de Caza, Calif., Heather Hastings-Gorski, 27, of Palm Springs, and Kelsey Peterson, 22, of Huntington Beach, California.

Yes, there's definitely a kitschy, old school vibe and that's a big part of this tournament's charm but The Bob Hope Classic is keeping up with the times where it counts. They have a new website this year too, and it's just one of several platforms by which fans can more easily gain information about, and purchase tickets for the 2010 Classic.

Along with the new Web site, fans can follow pre-tournament and tournament-week action on Facebook. On Twitter they're known as @bobhopeclassic.

So, when you want to catch up with the "Classic Girls" or find out which celebs have signed up for the famous ProAm you can do it. There'll also be lots of contests, quizzes and games leading up to the event.

The Bob Hope Classic is anchored in the history of televised golf and though a lot has changed over the years it retains enough of the old school charm that it's always a welcome start to the new golf season.