Ryo Style - Ishikawa Awesomeness at HSBC Champions


He's T8 on the leaderboard going into the final round at the HSBC Champions, and that, by any measure, is impressive. ~ But when you consider that the field includes the world's best... and when you remember that Ryo Ishikawa just turned 18 it becomes particularly notable.

However, it's the kid's whimsical fashion sense that is once again winning me over. Yesterday the uber-stylish Yonex golf guy wore pink. In his own inimitable way.

Live coverage of the HSBC Champions final round begins at 10:00PM (ET) on the Golf Channel, and with a Woods-Mickelson duel on the menu the excitement level is going to be way high. Like everyone else, I'm looking forward to that... and of course I can't wait to see what Ryo's wearing.

And... is asking, Ryo vs Rory: Who's the most promising? As of this moment it looks like the consensus is that it's Ryo by just a bit.

Ryo Ishikawa Photographs : Scott Halleran/Getty Images