Michelle Wie Wins - Wie Warriors Celebrate

I've always been a huge Michelle Wie fan... Always.

Over the years curmudgeons and critics called us the "Wie Warriors". We who believed that Michelle would soon prevail were accused us of being in denial... Which really wasn't a problem in my case because I actually liked the Wie Warrior label and knew I wasn't denying anything.

The haters sometimes called themselves purists, and maintained that Ms. Wie... because of her unconventional career path... would never learn to win and would be relegated to the role of also-ran in men's tournaments. They blamed her parents... and others... but mainly her parents.

When asked about her parents today her response was definitive and delightful:
"Yeah, I think it's just so awesome, seeing them on the 18th green and hugging them. You know, we have been through a lot as a family, and it's just so great that they are here to share my highs and to keep me up from the lows, as well. But you know, I have to thank my family: Nike and Omega and my sponsors, and IMG and my friends and my fan base and everyone. They all feel like my family. We all have been through a lot, even through my lowest point, they have always been there for me. They have always supported me, and you know, I just feel so grateful for my family, which includes everyone, my sponsors, my friends, and my management company and my fans. So I'm just lucky to have such a great family."
For me, seeing the photos of Michelle Wie's parents, B.J. and Bo, celebrating with their daughter made her awesome win all the more awesome.