High in Dubai - Michelle Wie With Mom & Dad


The viewing area was almost a half mile high, on the world's tallest building.

Yesterday the view was somewhat clouded by a sandstorm swirling many stories below, but despite her fear of heights, Michelle Wie gamely stepped up to the specially constructed tee and became the first golfer to launch a drive from the 124th floor of the Burj Dubai.

She later celebrated with her parents B.J. and Bo.

The family appears to be having a great time in the Arabian Gulf as they get ready for Michelle to tee off with a stellar field of women golfers at the Omega Dubai Ladies Masters. They're not the only ones loving it either. Christina Kim is in Dubai as well and she too has nothing but good things to say; about the city, the course and the warm hospitality of the people they've met.

The tournament get's under way in just a couple of hours. We'll keep you posted.

Photos: Getty Images/Swing-David Rogers, Family-David Cannon