Bob Hope Classic Style - Pink PUMA on Rickie Fowler

The weather was decidedly brisk in La Quinta today... and the afternoon saw some rain roll in, but it wasn't the washout some were predicting.

And that's a good thing, because it would have been a shame to throw rain gear over one of the most amazingly awesome golf outfits in history. The look was by PUMA. A V-Neck sweater and tailored trousers rendered in several shades of pink and as illustrated in the photo above, Mr. Fowler wore it well. He looked... ethereal. Yes, that's the word, implausible as it may seem when discribing a golf outfit. And the brooding expression (which no doubt reflects the disappointment of a not-so-stellar first round 74) only added to the charm. Ricki Fowler is evidently one of those guys who "looks so cute when he's mad."

Hopefully, the rains will hold off, the tournament will proceed without delay and the one they've been calling a rookie phenomenon will have a better round tomorrow. ~I'm pretty sure he looks cute when he's happy too.

Photo: c/o BobHopeClassicGirls @BobHopeClassic on Twitter