Geoff Ogilvy Wins - While His Coach Chats With Fans

He wasn't on my fantasy team, but in the end, I was definitely pulling for Geoff Ogilvy last night as he valiantly defended his SBS Championship title on the lush fairways of Kapalua.

Though I've long been impressed with his quiet consistency, prior to last night I've never been a huge Geoff Ogilvy fan. It's probably fair to say that Geoff Ogilvy doesn't inspire a lot of "huge fans". After all, he's not prone to on-course theatrics and his personal style tends to be monochromatic and understated. Even the awesome, urban edginess of PUMA... his sponsor for four years... didn't quite rub off on Mr. Ogilvy, and he recently moved his talented toes to FootJoy. I think we can bet Mr. Ogilvy's MyJoys will be black on black on black.

I've long felt that social media could play an important role in engaging golf fans... particularly casual golf fans, and my sudden "engagement" with Geoff Ogilvy yesterday is an excellent example, because what made it happen was a rather spontaneous social media event put together by a Twitter friend of mine.

Early in the day @PureGolfJourney emailed me to say that Geoff Ogilvy's coach Dale Lynch, one of the stellar coaches behind Pure Golf Training, would be broadcasting LIVE on UStream during the SBS Championship's final round. He encouraged me to log in to UStream or Twitter to follow Mr. Lynch's broadcast, ask questions and chat with him and other followers... in real time... about what was taking place on the Plantation Course.

I did log in, and at 7:45PM ET, as promised, there was Dale Lynch sitting on his couch at his home in South Carolina watching the tournament from from his living room. ~ It was an exciting round, and as it progressed it was awesome to be able to chat with the esteemed coach and ask him questions directly via Twitter or UStream. How Geoff had practiced for a particular hole... what techniques he used to stay so calm... and the myriad other questions arose as we watched. Dale Lynch was easy-going and informative, and before long I was "engaged" on a much deeper level, not only with the awesome Geoff Ogilvy, but also with the tournament.

The technology that allowed this to happen is fairly new and getting better all the time. I can only imagine it'll be used in the future in new and exciting ways. In the meantime kudos to PureGolfJourney and Dale Lynch for being pioneers. And to Geoff Ogilvy for making us all proud.