OobGolf Takes Live-Blogging to the Next Level

Though at first glance it may look like a Facebook photo from a wild sorority party, the graphic at left is actually part Oobgolf's excellent... albeit somewhat salacious... coverage of the PGA Merchandise show.

The Oob guys used CoverItLive.Com, an awesome hosted live-blogging service that enables anyone to create elegant looking, media-rich live coverage and put it on their site by pasting in a few lines of HTML.

On Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, featured a regular stream of photos and commentary that allowed readers to discover the new equipment, gadets and apparel along with the editors who were on-site at the convention center and driving range. They were also introduced to every bootylicious booth babe attractive young spokesmodel on the show floor. Currently one can peruse each day's live blog from the site's archives but to see how powerful CoverItLive is one needs to follow an event while it's happening.

really does bring live-blogging to the next level. I'd venture to say that Live-Tweeting pales in comparison, and there'll undoubtedly be more golf bloggers using it in the near future...which bodes well for golf writers with renegade tendencies and readers in search of up-to-the-minute coverage.

And maybe not so well for certain organizations that wish to control their message.