A Turnaround Trip to the PGA Merchandise Show

I'm not a fan of early morning departures.

I don't like early morning anything for that matter, but having only one free day this week, I booked a 6:55AM flight to Orlando and dutifully left my house before sunrise yesterday - in the middle of a snowstorm - for a turn-around trip to the PGA Merchandise show. The last flight back to NY was at 7:55PM which left me just enough time to do what I had to do and get back to my winter wonderland.

If you're into golf in any kind of business sense, the PGA show is an event you probably want to attend. With so many of the industry's major names exhibiting and/or attending, it's certainly the best place you can go to get a feel for the golf world's current mood and it's near term outlook. It's also a great place to meet in person, some of the golf people you've met virtually via Twitter and Facebook.

I'll be posting my observations later today. In the meantime you're probably wondering what the photo at left, featuring a race car and a couple of young ladies in bootie shorts and platform boots provocative outfits, has to do with anything. For the moment let me just say they represent a company offering a $50,000 set of golf clubs, details of which will be included in this afternoon's report.

Photo via my awesome Facebook friend Dennis Thomas