Wit & Wisdom - Daly Does "Sports Soup" Tonight!


You don't want to miss this!

What: Chisled golf champion John Daly hosts Sports Soup

Where: On VERSUS

Tonight at 10:00PM ET

Think "Talk Soup" meets "The Daily Show" for sports. That's Sports Soup. ~ Then think "rabble rousing boy next door" meets "wise, witty, elder statesman". And that's John Daly. Sort of.

Anyway, judging from the preview below, the show's going to be lots of fun, as the new, "slimmer than a steel-shafted seven iron" John Daly pokes some light-hearted fun at Tiger Woods... and himself.

Photo: c/o PGA_JohnDaly via Twitpic/Video Versusvstv Getty Images/Swing-David Rogers, Family-David Cannon