Christina Kim, John Raser & New Media for Golf Fans

The Talent
Christina Kim: Embulent, engaging and ultra-talented LPGA golfer.
John Raser: Pro Golfer on the road to the PGA Tour.

The Tools

UStream: a website platform for live video streaming of events online.
Twitter: a social networking and microblogging service.
iPhone: an internet enabled smartphone designed and marketed by Apple Inc.

The Event
The Twitter Open 2010: A livestreaming "golf match for the ages" pitting Ms. Kim against Mr. Raser with a week of caddying hanging in the balance.
✩ ✩ ✩ ✩

The match went down yesterday, Superbowl Sunday, in Orlando, Florida, possibly marking the beginning of a new era in golf on the social medias ...or something like that.

I won't tell you how it turned out... you can read that here or here, or myriad other places... but suffice to say it rocked! Both as an entertaining golf show with two engaging stars, and as a demonstration of the power of the evolving social media platforms we have at our disposal. Though there are still occasional glitches, the potential is impressive, and when the players are as awesome as Christina and John it doesn't even matter that much. BTW, as you can see from the photo above, Christina was wearing an ultra-cute outfit.

If that had been the extent of it, it would already be impressive but Waggle Room's Ryan Ballengee took the social sharing to the next level by joining the new media golfers for intimate midnight three-way on ooVoo to discuss the day's event. Video chat... I meant a three-way video chat, filth mongers. ~ Anyway, it was a great way to recap/wrap-up the event and extend the virtual word-of-mouth message that there some awesome new ways to connect and communicate that can be engaging, immediate and relatively easy to use.