The Birdie Sister's Golf Show Welcomes Nan Ryan

It's hard to keep up with the amazing Birdie Sisters.

Junior golfers Erica and Myah Jackson have so much going on.

Their latest venture is The Birdie Sister's Golf Show, a radio talk show with Erica and Mayah interviewing fascinating figures from the world of golf. I'm going to be working with them... helping with scheduling and production, as well as assisting On-Air as needed. The show will air on Fridays at 11:00 ET on ~ This is a totally new experience for the girls, they're learning a lot... quickly, and they've got some great guests lined up.

Their first show airs tomorrow... Friday, March 5... and their guest is Nan Ryan a former LPGA Tour player and founder of one of the largest junior golf tournaments in the world, Pepsi Little People's Championship in Quincy, IL. Nan has some amazing stories about the early days of the LPGA and weighs in with unique insight, on some of the issues facing junior golfers today.

The Birdie Sister's Golf Show
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Fridays at 11:00AM ET