Tiger Woods Puts a Bit More of the Past Behind Him

A gradual return to normalcy is what Tiger Woods seems to be hoping for.

Not that his life was ever normal by average standards... and that's probably part of why things got... shall we say... totally out of hand... for a while there.

A childhood spent on a singular path toward greatness, certainly must have isolated the aspiring young golf champion. I don't think it's unrealistic to imagine that he was often lonely... and resentful of the undivided oversight of his strict father. Prior to his marriage to Elin, Tiger seems to have have had few relationships with women.

By the time he reached adulthood, Tiger Woods was being treated with such deference that there was little need for him to ever answer to anyone... for anything. He was venerated, almost universally, both for his consistently stellar golf and because he was thought to represent a happy, highly principled, highly disciplined ideal, which ultimately proved to be a myth. In the end Tiger himself began to believe... and perpetuate... his own misguided mythology.

The two interviews he gave a few hours ago were short and stealthily planned. They revealed little, but allowed the fallen star to put his "first interviews" behind him important step back to that semblance of so-called normal. In a couple of weeks it'll be the "first tournament"... and yes there are many journalists who are speaking disdainfully of Tiger Woods and still hoping for the tearful tell-all. That's beginning to look much less likely.