The Awesome Tiger Nike Ad That Most Find Creepy

The Twitteratti has weighed in... with "creepy", "ultra-creepy", "shameless", shameful"... and quite a few less printable adjectives. Many golf bloggers are echoing these sentiments. ~

Personally however, I think the ad is awesome.
That's not to say it isn't creepy... but who says awesome and creepy have to be mutually exclusive.

Because we now know quite a bit about Earl and Tiger Woods, their weaknesses and excesses as well as their strengths and talents, I think the 30 second spot can be seen as much more than an ad.

In the short clip I see a multi-generational narrative on the American dream ...about the heights that can be reached through single-minded determination and the fall that can be precipitated by human frailty. Ultimately, I see belief in the possibility of redemption. Call me naive but I'm a huge believer in redemption.

I know, I know... most others in the media see it as a crass, creepy Nike commercial... and in today's environment where cynicism sells and everyone's afraid of be taken for a fool... I should probably go along with that platform and find my own clever way to criticize the flawed golf icon and the over-dubbed voice of his deceased Dad. The thing is though, I rarely do what I "should" do.

...and I think the ad is awesome.