Golf, the Sport - Of Reputations and Perceptions

The past year, by any measure, has been a tumultuous time for golf.

An economic crisis and a salacious sex scandal, each hit the sport at hitherto unimaginable levels and a general feeling of malaise prevailed.

As a result there was a collective sigh of relief from golf business and media people last weekend when the Masters turned out the way it did, and a palpable ambiance of euphoria now prevails in the hallways of the golf blogosphere and... no doubt... in the conference rooms of many golf corporations.

However, the perceptions of the casual fan and the outside observers might be more difficult to alter as this Sports Central post indicates.

I'm wondering this: do we as golfers and/or avid golf fans pay enough attention to what non-golfers and casual fans think about golf, and should we?

Photo via MaxPhotos